Madden Pretty Lady

Madden dancing around in her yoga pants and stripping out of her top

Yellow Nails

Madden looking cute in sweats and hot when naked with yellow nails

Madden Florida Life

Madden hanging out in Florida and doing a little bit of canoeing

Nature Park

Madden hanging out in the park and showing off her boobs to the ducks

BTS Red Swimsuit

Go behind the scenes with Madden as she shoots photos for her Red Swimsuit Pictorial

Bikini Beach

Madden looking sexy in her bikini on the beach

Madden Lotioning Hotel

Madden lotioning up her body after a long session of tanning


Madden on the rocks in Vegas

Madden On Rocks

Madden hanging out by the freeway flashing cars that go by

Going Out

Madden getting ready to go out for the night in Vegas